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Hey Hazards, Welcome to the first official post here on Hazardous Minds Blog. In todays post I will be covering who I am and why I started this blog as well as things that you may want to know about this blog and what to expect but before we get into it I just want to take the time to thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit me here on HM Blog to read this post!

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As most of you will already know my name is Kirby Liane and I am a podcaster turned blogger based in the United Kingdom (More specifically in England), I began my journey into writing back in early 2006 through an online community and I have been hooked ever since as writing truly helps me to process my thoughts and understand what I am going through in life and plus I also have a physical memory to reflect back on in the future which is something that I truly love about writing so it is safe to say that writing has always been a huge passion of mine since I can remember.

As for work I currently work as a bartender to help support myself through university where I am studying a degree in forensic psychology (the study of the criminal mind) to which I am just about to begin my final year of the 6 year course this upcoming September, I also work as a singer in my local area mainly focusing on rock music and ballads but I have worked in countless bands and tribute shows over the years that I truly enjoyed from Abba to Whitney Houston. As mentioned before I am also one of two hosts of a podcast that is usually released on a weekly basis by the name of Hazardous Minds, however, due to conflicting schedules at the moment this project is on hiatus which is why I decided that now was the perfect time to start my personal blog as I have had a lot of experiences throughout the years that have resulted in myself feeling extremely alone and negative to which will be discussed in brief before we get onto the discussing the fun stuff.

As most can relate we all experience times in our lives where we lose track of ourselves and who we are as well as we lose sight of the goals we want to achieve in our own personal lives to lead the life we truly desire and I am certainly no different. For obvious reasons I am not going to go to much in depth with how I lost sight of myself but I do wish to share my journey into self discovery as I try to heal from a bad couple of years and progress towards what I want to become in life which will be a separate blog post in itself when the time comes but I just want to help people to remember that even in the darkest and most confusing times that we all face in our lives that you are not alone and whatever may be bothering you will heal and become clear in time if you allow it to but without further ado let’s get into the fun stuff!

✬ 𝓐𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓵𝓸𝓰 ✬

Now that you have gotten to know a little bit more about who I am, I would like to go on to what this blog will be about so that my readers know exactly what to expect when it comes to the blog. Please bare in mind that even though I am experienced with writing this is my first ever blog and so it may take a while for me to truly find my niche so please bare with me as we go through this journey together into the world of blogging.

Hazardous Minds blog was founded in the hopes for me to share my journey throughout my final year of university and as I start my life after university as well as showing my personal journey into finding myself and what I want from my life in the near and the distant future hoping to meet new people that I can share my life and findings with to make the world a little less lonely than it seems to be right now and I hope to achieve this through creating a safe and fun interactive community where my readers can get involved in this blog and share the spotlight and their stories or current struggles to find extra support through the community.

But what will I be blogging about? Not only do I hope in time to do community spotlight blog posts that focus on individual members of our community but I will personally be posting twice a week here on the blog which will be two individual topics with my personal journey into finding myself being covered each and every Wednesday with stories of my past and how I have overcome these hurdles but also things that I aspire to achieve in the near and distant future including discussions of experiences that I go through as they come up where each Sunday we will be focusing on my life as a university student as I navigate through my final year of university.

So basically twice a week you can expect a post the Wednesdays Post being a more personal look into my life and the Sundays Posts being a look into my professional side of life. With that being said you can get involved in the conversation with the question of the week through the comment section which will be mentioned in the next post as well as through any of my social media platforms which you can find in the about me section of this website which brings this post to its official close and I will see you tomorrow in the first Wednesday Wondering!

Have a great week and I hope to speak to you all tomorrow!

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