Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall!


Hey Hazards and Welcome back to another post! As you have probably seen we have made a few new changes here to the blog, including a whole new domain name. With the ongoing support I couldn’t be more thankful. So grab a hot drink and snack as we say goodbye to the summer and hello to the fall.

Goodbye Summer 2021: My fondest memories

Thinking back over the previous years so far I have had a lot of things to be thankful for. From Travelling abroad to spending time with friends & family summer has always been great fun for me. And so I thought I’d share with you the fondest memories this special summer brought me. Since my parents separated my plans for the summer would be to relax on break from University. Due to the pandemic I decided that this year I would actually enjoy my summer and make plans.

Let me take you back to May of 2021, the restrictions were easing and it was finally time to plan. And so I took a seat, grabbed out my bullet journal and started listing what I wanted to achieve. The first thing I decided to do was visit one of my best friends in Scotland. Checking my schedule I took the time to plan what would be the best weekend for me to travel. My friend and I had already discussed plans for myself to visit him once the pandemic was easing. And so I honoured those plans and booked one evening sending him the screenshot the following day after work. With the train booked there was no going back on my decisions now was there…

Unexpected Changes

Things would run smoothly from booking the train all up until the day before I was due to travel. You see we had planned for myself to visit from the Friday through to the Sunday. However, the day before whilst I was in work on a close I would get an email about the trains. Reading the email I would learn my train home had been cancelled and the next available train was the Monday. Messaging my friend straight away we extended the trip till the Monday morning before he left for work. The reason being that no trains would leave through the Scottish border on a Sunday until further notice.

Travelling up to meet him face-to-face for the very first time the weekend couldn’t have been more amazing. We not only visited Edinburgh to see my cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years but Stirling as well. And then the weekend came to a close and twice more I have visited him.

My fondest memory

The most recent visit, however, was so much more fun than I could have ever expected it to be. You see during the last visit things were certainly different after we both decided to take a mini vacation elsewhere in Scotland. So we booked trains and a hotel and headed to Edinburgh for a two night stay to help celebrate my cousins Hen Don’t Party.

And so you see this summer has been filled with adventure, travel and exploration and I couldn’t be happier about that. Thinking about how I managed to achieve a few things this year such as getting to travel as well as celebrating my 30th and with saying goodbye to summer its time to focus on the plans for next year.

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Goodbye Summer 2021: Ideas for Summer 2022

Next summer my degree will be complete and with that being the case I plan to enjoy summer. With no idea at the moment when my graduation will be scheduled for I am super excited to think about. Obviously the first thing I really want to plan out is my graduation. But without knowing when it will take place I can’t really do much right now. Well bar of course looking at how much the whole thing will cost. Especially as I will need to hire graduation attire, photography and much more with it being out of area. I will also need to look at how many people are wanting to come so I can buy the right amount of tickets not forgetting accommodation too.

But graduating isn’t the only thing that I would like to do next summer, I would also love to travel more. Even though I will still be travelling throughout the year whenever I can I do want to plan ahead. With an upcoming trip to Blackpool scheduled with 4 friends already on the horizon I am definitely excited. Another thing that I would really love to do is travel abroad on holiday. I used to travel abroad once or twice a year when I was younger. And so I would love to celebrate graduating in style. I don’t even know where I want to go as of yet but the moment I decide you guys will know.

Plans for after university

Bare in mind these plans are not set in stone yet as it will depend on my final grade. But I have been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do after graduation. The plan that I have so far is to spend the summer celebrating before fall sets in. And then from the Fall period I plan to spend 18 months trying to find a job in the field I desire to work in. If I am not successful in finding a secure job in that timeframe then I have a backup plan. And that back up plan is to enrol to study for my Masters Degree either in Psychology or Criminology. However, If I do decide to enrol in University once more I may have to move away from home to study.

I am a bit unsure about how I feel about attending a physical university and being so far away from home. You see the area that I live in the nearest university in general is around an hour and a half away. But I will figure that out when the time comes as right now I plan to enjoy my final year. And with that being said that wraps up what I would like to do next summer. This brings us onto the topic of my favourite season fall and why I love it so much.

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

As I mentioned briefly fall is definitely my favourite season of all. With it being colder in temperature and sweater weather what isn’t to love. There is nothing more that I enjoy than sitting wrapped up in a blanket with a nice hot coffee reading on the sofa (couch). Living in England, however, you don’t really get to experience the big change between the seasons as you do elsewhere. There are so many scents as well that I love that I feel only come with the autumn. And I mean who doesn’t love walking around the countryside on a crisp autumn morning with the crunch of fallen leaves under their feet? It’s one of the main reasons I love the autumn time so much personally.

But what do I plan to do this autumn? Well the first thing I plan to do is start back at University of course which is now fully prepared. After that I am going to be looking into what seasonal things I can do for the blog here. Who doesn’t like seasonal posts? Then of course comes my favourite holiday of the year.. All Hallows Eve. I usually celebrate Halloween in some aspect but I am unsure what to do this year.


For Halloween this year I am torn between doing two things. Number one… The Famous Edinburgh Catacombs of South Bridge or Number Two… The annual Halloween event of Muncaster Castle. Of course I am also planning a little something special for the week of Halloween here on the blog but that will be released in an upcoming update post so stay tuned for that! All I will say as a little teaser is that I hope it will be as Spooktacular as possible. Halloween truly is my favourite holiday of the year and I love to celebrate it all I can. But bare Halloween I don’t really have much else planned that is special for this fall but I can’t say the same for Winter.


And finally it’s a wrap on todays blog post. If you enjoyed todays post please don’t forget to give us a like, comment, share and follow which are all free. And if you want to know more feel free to sign up for our newsletter or check out our social medias and let us know how you will be saying goodbye summer 2021. What have been your fondest memories this summer and what are you looking forward to this fall? And with that here is my favourite sounds to get ready for the fall!

Until Next Time, Bye Guys!
~ K.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall!

  1. I still have a trip to Mexico planned before the fall starts so there’s a good chance that will be my favorite thing this summer!

    I am really looking forward to cozy fall weather too!

    1. Oh i’ve never been to Mexico but I have always wanted to go. Where about are you heading too? Have you been before?

  2. Keep planning and keep making memories! Always allow for life’s little bumps in the road. But make a life full of what you love…. it is the best way to live

    1. Oh I plan to, even if this year has been hard the good has far outweighed the bad no matter what has happened! Hope you have a great year <3

  3. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your adventures! My favorite memory from this past summer was backpacking for the first time, then getting to backpack the South Olympic Coast here in Washington. I’m hoping that next year we can get out on some harder trails!

    1. Oh where abouts on the coast did you backpack to? I am hoping to do an American road trip over the next few years and so I would love to have some more places to visit!

  4. Its so nice that you were able to plan out already your next summer! All the best with your masters and congratulations in advance. Enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. Thank you so much I know its going to be a long and hard road ahead but I got this! Also thank you for the feedback I am new to blogging and so this really gives me a confidence boost.

    1. Oh! I know the feeling all to well about how scary it can be to travel for the first time since the pandemic. How did it go?

  5. Tamera- Your Christian Best Friend – I show people how to live God’s way in a sinful world, inspire them to know their ministry, and make them laugh along the way all while giving them that straight talk with a Jesus chaser.
    Tamera says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite season as well! I love the cool weather, boots, Hot Chai Lattes, and so much more. I’m actually getting ready to decorate my house for Fall.

    1. I love my chai lattes! It is one of my go to drinks of the season, well that and pumpkin spiced lattes or a nice hot chocolate with all the trimmings. I would love to see how you decorate for the fall, what are you planning to decorate?

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