Kirby Liane

Podcaster turned Blogger

Starting her writing journey back in early 2006 the English podcaster turned blogger had always aspired to create her own blog to share experiences she goes through in life in the hopes of helping others out in the world to know that they are not alone in the world to which hazardous minds was created.

A Co-Host of the hazardous minds podcast that discusses cultural differences and life experiences, Kirby decided to take the leap just before her final year of university to finally start her own official blog finally finding the topic to which she was excited to share, but what is this topic I hear you ask?

Studying a degree in forensic psychology, Kirby will go on to discuss not only her journey throughout the final year of university life and her plans for after graduation but also what she has learnt throughout the years of study so far whilst she transcends into a personal journey into finding who she has always wished to be through a lot of hard work and dedication to what she truly wishes to be but what can you expect here on the hazardous minds blog?

What to Expect on Hazardous Minds Blog
  • New posts twice a week (Wednesdays & Sundays).
  • A real & raw look into the writers life.
  • Helpful tips to deal with issues you face in life.
  • A fun interactive and supportive community.
  • A wide array of discussion topics.
  • A weekly subscriber only blog post.