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University Life

A Day in the Life (Student Edition)

Having a routine is always helpful to have in your life. Whether it be a schedule or a flexible living, having some form of daily routine can truly help to limit the stress that comes from adulthood.

So, Join Kirby in today’s post as she discusses her personal journey into finding the perfect routine for her day to day life, how she managed to find it as well as learn how to create your own successful routine along the way. …Continue readingA Day in the Life (Student Edition)

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Back to School: Twelve Important Tips & Tricks

Ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to preparing to go back to school?

Well, Join us in todays post as Kirby gives you her top 12 tips and tricks that she has learnt throughout the past 5 years of studying at University to have the best possible chance at limiting stress as you go back to school.

Whether you’re a student yourself or a parent wondering where to even begin with the back to school season looming on the horizon the post is definitely not one to be missed. …Continue readingBack to School: Twelve Important Tips & Tricks

University Life

Preparing for Mayhem….

Advertisements Hey Hazards, Welcome back to another Schooling Sunday! Over the past week since starting up my blog can I just thank each and every one of you for taking…Continue readingPreparing for Mayhem….